Acquisition and merger or disposal normally goes through the process of planning and due diligence before execution. With proven track records and knowledge, TOCA is able to assist clients to tackle their deals of any type of business


TOCA comprised professionals with outstanding skills and experience to guide enterprises to materialize their planned acquisition and merger or disposal.

Searching Target Business for Acquisition

TOCA could assist clients not only by identifying businesses that satisfying acquisition criteria as prescribed by clients but goes further search to shortlist the best prospect, formulating negotiation strategies and arranging official contact.

Deal Triggering Off

The research programs conducted by TOCA to identify interesting opportunities, especially non-core business within smaller and larger enterprises, and under-performing listed companies.

Deal Management Services

TOCA provides the following Deal Management Services :

  • lFormulation of contact Strategies;
  • Provide preliminary opinion on business evaluation and restructuring opportunities;
  • Offer for purchase on behalf of clients;
  • Facilitating negotiation during the whole process of exercise;
  • Coordinate the advisors for various parties;
  • Define the scope of due diligence and strategies; and
  • Management of the entire deal till completion.

Disposal of Business or Asset

TOCA ascertains the result of disposals are the best strategic option for clients and only such purpose can be secured TOCA will negotiate for the best terms for clients in respect of the deals.


TOCA prepares and release the preliminary information summary on a "no name" basis for distribution to the target market.. The signing of tightly worded confidentiality letters leads to the release of a comprehensive information Memorandum. Letter, TOCA works with legal advisors to prepare Letters of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding and Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Formulating Disposal Strategies

TOCA assist by determining the likely market for the business and assessing personal issues with a sale. TOCA also analyses financial risks and benefits and offer valuation guidelines.

Potential Buyer

From extensive research and review, TOCA will compile a list of potential buyers for client's business. TOCA will then refine this list down to a core group, providing client with an analysis of each party. TOCA will send the target buyers the relevant documentation.


TOCA arranges client meetings, price negotiations, legal documentation and the whole process to completion. Should client continue to be involved in the business, TOCA will also ensure client's return and rewards are maximized.

Post-Acquisition Services

Understanding that the work does not end with the conclusion of a deal, TOCA will assist clients for their post-completion planning and integration.