Today's volatile global capital markets and tightening credit policies, traditional funding options through the public offering process and bank credit are become limited.

However, companies cannot afford to wait for the markets to settle down before meeting the demand for their products or services, funding research and development, pursuing acquisition opportunities or reducing debt.

Equity Financing

To assist listed companies, TOCA have developed many structures for the private placement of common stock, convertible preferred stock, and convertible debt securities that are particularly well suited for raising funds in volatile market conditions. TOCA have successfully used these structures to raise funds for companies in Asia.

TOCA has access to many institutional investors allowing a company to have a direct relationship with cash-rich, pre-qualified institutional purchasers and enableing it to obtain financing quickly and discreetly. TOCA is aimed at working with companies in assessing financing alternatives, developing capital raising plans and securing the capital necessary to support their business objectives.

Asset Management

TOCA manages private client and institutional funds that provide equity financing to companies in the Asia Pacific. The philosophy is to offer public companies an alternative financing sources, not to replace, but to supplement their existing banking relationships, while shifting much of the control to the companies. This methodology results in a mechanism for more flexible, efficient, and cheaper access to equity capital compared to traditional avenue.

Private and Venture Capital

Additional capital may be required for a variety of reasons; to finance expansion, to fund an acquisition or merely to reduce debt. Equity from a private equity, development capital institution or individual investor may achieve these aims without a listing.

There are many ways of financing a business and many sources of capital. By providing independent expert advice and suggesting ways of structuring the finance to meet the expectations of financiers, shareholders and managers, we can help at each stage of the capital raising process by :

  • Assessing the feasibility of the proposals;
  • Valuing the business;
  • Selecting sources of finance and negotiating terms;
  • Identifying and introducing strategic partners;
  • Advising on opportunities to reduce the personal and corporate taxation burden; and
  • Coordinating the work of the transaction team and ensuring a timely completion.